Instructions to Migrate App Records to A New Samsung Mobile

Some applications for shopping, work Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Android, perusing and all the more convey awesome comfort to our life. What’s more, now it is less demanding to work on applications introduced in the gadget with tapping and sliding as Android is outfitted with touch-center innovation. When you get another Android gadget, Samsung Galaxy A8 for instance, you should move application records to the new Samsung portable on the off chance that you need to keep exceptionally essential application information. Furthermore, one of the most straightforward approaches to do that is Mobile Transfer.

On account of Mobile Transfer, you can move application records and additionally the application to another Samsung cell phone now. So you don’t have to re-download any applications in the new gadget. The program can duplicate all application records, settings, reserved information, et cetera with the goal that you will never lose some critical information when changing to the new gadget.

Relocate App Records to A New Samsung Mobile

Step 1. Select a Solution

Open Mobile Transfer on your PC. At that point pick “Telephone to Phone Transfer”, which permits you to relocate application information to Samsung Galaxy A8.

Step 2. Associate Android Devices to PC/Mac

Subsequent to choosing the arrangement, you can interface Android gadgets to your PC. Initially, interface the old Android into the PC by means of USB link and turn on USB troubleshooting mode on both Android gadgets. At that point do likewise on your Samsung Galaxy A8.

Step 3. Select File Types to Migrate

When you Android telephones are distinguished, you have to choose document sorts to clone. To relocate application records to another Samsung versatile, please pick “Application Data” from the center sheet.

Note: There ought to be a fly up once you select document sorts. The incite will attempt to incidentally root your telephone. Simply click “Affirm” to proceed.

Step 4. Relocate App Records to your New Samsung Mobile

When you pick “Application Data”, the choice “Application” will likewise be highlighted. At that point click “Begin Transfer”

Step 5. Finish Copying App Files to a New Samsung

When duplicating application information, kindly don’t unplug any gadget from the program. Sit tight for a couple of minutes till you see the note “You have replicated the information totally”. At that point click “alright” to complete the procedure.

Simple, would it say it isn’t? With Mobile Transfer, you can relocate application information to your Samsung cell phone. For example, you can duplicate Facebook messages to Samsung. Also, you can move Viber talk history to your Android. Simply have an attempt!


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