Instructions to Transfer SMS from Android to Android

“I intend to move down and exchange my instant messages from the old Android telephone to Samsung root your android without pc. Be that as it may, it will be a major assignment to duplicate and glue a great many instant messages from Android to PC, and afterward from PC to another Android! Any shorcut to exchange SMS between Android?”

For this situation, I will very suggest a phenomenal exchanging apparatus, Phone Transfer. As a remarkable Android SMS exchange apparatus, Phone Transfer helps you exchange contact, telephone number, content substance, sent and got time, et cetera of your instant messages and keep them securely in your goal Android telephone. Procedure to move instant messages in the middle of Android gadgets like Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, HTC One M9/M8, LG G3/G4, and so forth is getting to be distinctly less demanding with just 3 stages. You don’t have to interminably duplicate and glue with the Android telephone connected to the PC.


Strategies to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Android

Step 1 Launch Phone Transfer in the wake of Downloading

In the wake of downloading Phone Transfer on your PC, dispatch it and you will see the interface as beneath.


Step 2 Connect HTC One and Samsung Galaxy to Computer

Associate the two telephones to PC all the while with the USB link. At that point, you will see both your Android telephones be recognized and recorded in the interface as the “Source” and “Goal” one. You can simply click “Flip” catch to change the spots of the two telephones.


Note: Empty every one of the information in your goal telephone on the off chance that you like by clicking “Clear information before duplicate”. The MMS of your HTC will likewise checked out and can be exchanged to Samsung on the off chance that you pick the “Instant messages” choice.

Step 3 Start Transferring SMS between Androids

Checks before SMS in the event that you need to move Android SMS as it were. In the wake of picking all you need, click “Begin Copy”. What’s more, snap “Finished” once the exchanging closes.


With the 3 straightforward strides above, you can have all the Android SMS exchanged before you offer it into the market. What about attempting Phone Transfer on your PC, you will think that its accommodating and simple working.

The following is the catch where you can download Phone Transfer:


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