The most effective method to Transfer SMS from Samsung to iPhone

At the point when iPhone 7/7 Plus has shown as an effective gadget, would you like to have one? Do you favor iPhone to Samsung? In the event that the appropriate response is “Yes”, possibly you will at last switch old Samsung for new iPhone. In any case, you ought to exchange some imperative messages from the old telephone to the new one, and I comprehend to duplicate messages to one by one is truly tedious. Thus, you require an apparatus to exchange SMS starting with one telephone then onto the next specifically.

Here I need to prescribe a program named Mobile Transfer. It is intended for moving information, for example, contacts, instant messages, photographs, call history, music, video and applications between two telephones straightforwardly. Regardless of whether that two telephones utilize similar stages or diverse, this product can move SMS in a single tick.


Can hardly wait to attempt it? It would be ideal if you download Mobile Transfer at first:


Step 1. Dispatch the Program in Computer

Introduce the program and your PC will show up the essential window.


Step 2. Plug Two Phones to Computer

Interface your Samsung and iPhone to PC, you will see this photo. It demonstrates the transmission heading from Samsung to iPhone. You can click “Flip” to change the position. Presently the program is identifying substance of Samsung, please hold up a minute.

Step 3. Exchange Samsung SMS to iPhone

Having every one of the information in Samsung distinguished, you can pick “Instant messages” and begin the program by clicking “Star Copy”. It will take a few circumstances, when it quits working, you will discover SMS in Samsung are set in your new iPhone.


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