The best way to Restore Contacts from Android Telephones

When I looked through Google, I see a new feed from my friend Elena who was requesting folks to send a message this morning. Similar to Elena, when many android data recovery free users have no other option but sending a message on Google, Facebook, and more to request people to send their phone number. It helps, but quietly bothersome. Really it is possible to right re-establish contacts with FonePaw Android Data Recovery from Android telephones.
Opinion from Android User
Fact About Contacts: Where Are the Data Stored
Where are contacts stored? Most people would say the “Contact” folder or “People” program of the Android device. In reality, besides the contact information that we can see in the “Contact” folder or “People” app, there is a contact database in our telephone memory. You are able to try to track it down through the course: data/data/ precise location of the contacts database might differ due to your producer’s “customization” of Android system.)
When you remove a contact from “Contact” folder or “People” app, the info about the contact haven’t been removed from the database. Through the use of the data in contact database, a recovery program is able to help you re-establish the deleted contacts.
FonePaw Android Data Recovery is an incredible recovery program which enjoys a great name. This program has the capacity to restore Android phone book with five steps – Link Device to PC, Select File Types to Scan, Let Superuser Request, Scan Contacts, and Restore Android Contacts.Once the “Recover” button is Android Data Extraction, the program will get back everything of the phone book, including phone number, name, e-mail address, job title, etc. Steps are exemplified in the below section.
Windows Variant DownloadMac Variant Download
Headsup: To prevent deleted contacts data being wiped out by new data, please cease using your Android telephone once the information loss occurs.
The Way to Restore Lost Contacts from Android Device
Step 1. Connect Android Phone to the Computer
Stop using your phone once the data loss is realized by you. Run to install and run FonePaw Android Data Recovery on a Windows/Mac computer. After that, empower USB debugging on your own telephone.
Find Android Apparatus on Application
Step 2.
To get back Android contacts, you’re required to select allowing file types to scan first. Check “Contacts” from the list and click “Next”.
Select Android Contacts
Measure 3. Permit Superuser Request
FonePaw Android Data Recovery will ask for permission to enter your device. Go to your own Android Manager. And choose “Allow/Grant/Authorize” in the popup note.
Permit Superuser Request
Measure 4. Scan Contacts in Android
FonePaw Android Data Recovery has got the right to get your phone. It will start scanning the phone number list in your Android apparatus.
Step 5. Restore Contacts from Android Phone
When scan is over, assess “Contacts” at the left pane. Then you certainly can preview all things of the phone book one by one. Next, choose whichever ones you want and click “Recover” to get them back.
Done! FonePaw Android Data Recovery is not difficult to use to recover contacts from Android? Since the lost phone number list continues to be retrieved and exported to your computer. Head to the destination folder. You can find HTML file of your phone book, CSV, and the vCard. Import the vCard file into your telephone.
Last, remember to create a back-up of contacts in your telephone for days that are rainy. One easy way to back up contacts is to sync with your Gmail account. Firstly, add Gmail account on your telephone by going to “Settings” “>> “Accounts and sync” “>> “Add account” “>> “Google” “>> “Next” “>> “Sign in” and signing in with your Gmail account. You contacts will be synced to your Gmail account.


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