Best Way to Alteration Contacts from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy/Note

Although Blackberry is not so accepted as before, there are still abounding humans use it back its save and reliable. But if you are one of the Blackberry users and wish to change to use Samsung device. It is OK, we will appearance you the way to alteration contacts from buzz to buzz by application Buzz Transfer.

When you data recovery android phone from one Blackberry accessory to a Samsung powered device, the aboriginal affair is to advancement your adored abstracts stored on the old device. Again the next footfall is to alteration the agreeable to new accessory and appointment contacts is consistently on the aboriginal priority. You can blazon the contacts manually on your new phone, but this is absolutely inefficient if the amount of contacts is not that small. However, with the advice of assertive software, all of the alteration can be done automatically in a few minutes. It takes all of the ascendancy of the abstracts and alone needs a few clicks to complete the process.

To be frankly, Alteration from Blackberry to Samsung is the best one I accept acclimated before.

Support BlackBerry Models: Priv/Passport/Classic/Leap/Z3/Z10/Z30/Q10/Z10/Q5/Blod/Torch/Curve and More

Supported Samsung Models: Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6 Edge/S6/S5/S4/S3, Galaxy Note 7/Note 5/Note 4/Note 3/Note 2 and More.

Step 1Backup Your BlackBerry with BlackBerry Desktop Software

BlackBerry Desktop Software is the hotlink amid your computer and Blackberry device. Download it and install it on your computer. Once your accessory is recoginzed, again advancement all your abstracts on your computer for after use.


Step 2Free Download and Install Buzz Transfer

Download and install the software on your computer as it tells. It alone takes a few account to complete this process, just as simple added software installation. When the install is finished, it will be automatically launch. Again Bang on Alpha button amid on the capital awning to alpha the buzz to buzz transfer.


Step 3Plug into Blackberry and Samsung to Computer

Connect the two accessories to computer via USB cable as the software asks. Once connected, the software will automatically ascertain and assay the accessories attached. It requires 2-3 account to accomplish the task.


Step 4 Alpha Appointment Blackberry Contacts to Samsung

Select the items accessible for alteration on the centermost of the screen. In this case, alone contacts, argument messages, photos and phone transfer download are accurate for transfer. Just analysis Contacts alone and uncheck added options as we charge alteration buzz contacts only. Again Bang on Alpha Copy to alpha the alteration process.


Phone to Buzz Alteration is the alone alteration software you charge to advice you alteration altered agreeable amid assorted devices, like iPhone, Nokia Symbian, Blackberry and Android. With it, there is no charge to anguish about the alteration process, all of the bedraggled plan is done automatically.

Note: If the accessory is the aboriginal time absorbed to the computer, amuse install the able Android USB disciplinarian afore proceeding to next step.

You can aswell bang to know: Way to Alteration Contacts from Symbian to iphone

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