Telecommunications Preacher introduces Twitter hashtag to sign up grievances on telecom solutions

The Preacher said that the telecommunications ministry and Department of Cell Phone Parts will compile a list of issues from this Twitter Sewa as well as classify them into prompt, mid-term and long-lasting problems. The move comes in the middle of a raised focus on boosting the high quality of telecom solutions. The telecom minister previously claimed that there will declare lead to the next 3-4 months in dealing with the trouble of phone call decreases.

The telecommunications drivers will certainly spend around Rs 20,000 crore to improve their facilities and also mount one lakh base transceiver terminal (BTS) to provide much better solutions to consumers.

“… because both the telecom and also blog posts are service markets, customer is the king right here as well as this is even more pertinent for BSNL and MTNL. The TSPs (telecom service providers) are expected to deal with the problems forwarded to them under this arrangement,” the Minister claimed in a declaration.

Sinha however added that the difficulty is gigantic as India has the largest postal network worldwide as well as the variety of mobile-phone clients had actually currently crossed 1 billion in January this year.

“We realize that problems are visiting pour in from throughout the country and also in multitudes. But I want to assure you that Ministry will rise up to this difficulty,” he included.

Sinha also highlighted that there are chances that this twitter seva may be misused by some rogue aspects but he shared the hope that Twitter authorities will certainly deal with the very same.

Sinha expressed hope that the Indian telcos from Federal government in addition to private and the Department of Posts will certainly use the energy of “Twitter sewa” to the maximum to attend to the grievances of the general public.


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