Samsung was up to the ground 15 meters elevation decrease examination UAV S6

In our perception of them, lose examination of the phone yet the phone on upper body elevation allow it drop, but also for equipment spree  misuse are worried, this is plainly not nearly enough enjoyable. Just recently, it was brought UAV Samsung Galaxy S6 decline examination carried out.


Prior to opening up play, testers agreement with the method or the very first in an extremely breast carried out an examination. Small scrapes in the ground after all-time low of the body, samsung parts just edge of the body light weight aluminum framework shows up, the display screen undamaged.

The 2nd examination angle is adapted to the rear of the initial landing, however still merely S6 there was a tiny blemish, display, and also there is no harm to the glass cover on the perimeter. After the elevation of up to concerning 1.8 m, it is still the situation, the phone is not any type of major harm takes place.

In general, Galaxy S6 is a quite anti-fall mobile phone, otherwise purposefully, life mishaps droppeded to the ground it ought to not trigger any kind of severe harm. When it comes to this moment UAV examination, 15 m autumn elevation could just be taken into consideration when the enjoyment does not have any kind of recommendation worth, nevertheless, despite which phone are not likely to drop from this elevation still undamaged.

Consequently, the testers place this phone is taken care of in the UAV over, and also take it to the elevation of 15 meters. Given that Gorilla Glass 4 excellent resistance to injury S6 display screen is likewise not especially major.


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