iPhone 6s or add new rose gold color most likely

Recently on the microblogging exposure may be a few parts of Apple iPhone 6s photos, including suspected fingerprint recognition camera parts and components, and written words have “6s rose gold” on its packaging. It seems Earlier rumors that Apple will launch a rose gold iPhone 6s may really be achieved.
Suspected iPhone 6s 6s Rose Gold Lens Accessories
Suspected iPhone 6s 6s rose gold accessories

According to the microblogging friends broke the news map, you can see the contents of the package may be transparent iPhone 6s rear main camera metal ring. The packaging is marked with the color pink gold, it appears that the next generation Apple phone iPhone 6s might Rose Gold added to it, but also within a body exposed cable photos. This also proves that Apple’s iPhone 6s have already started production, as usual, was released in September of the opinion is properly due.

Comments: According to previous rumors, Apple iPhone 6s will not have any change in appearance will still continue the current iPhone design 6. Pictures from the exposure can be seen in the camera eyelet suspected members similar to the current iPhone 6, in addition to the iPhone 6s news rumors camera will have increased dramatically, it may increase to 12 million pixels, I hope it is no longer raised


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