Analyst: Apple has canceled iPhone 6c

Since December endure year, there are rumors that Apple will barrage this year of a 4-inch awning of the Cell Phone Parts as iPhone 6s and 6s Plus supplement, but today, according to an analyst address appear by the investors that Apple may accept been canceled or adjourned this product.

Cohen, an analyst at broker-dealer aggregation in this address from Cowen and Company’s Timothy Arcuri (Timothy Arcuri), he empiric the accompanying automated alternation that traces associated iPhone 6c has already abolished in March of this year.

Arcuri believes, iPhone 6c is a automated adaptation of the iPhone 6, the admeasurement of the iPhone 5s similar, but may use all-metal body, and in 2013 appear the iPhone 5c to distinguish.

From the alpha of December endure year, there doubtable iPhone 6c apartment leak, KGI Securities analyst Kuo Ming-pool has issued to investors in April this year, forecasting a 4-inch iPhone may not be appear in 2015 (of course, afterwards a few weeks, He aswell said that Apple will absolution supports Apple Pay 4 inch iPhone in 2016).

For a aggregation like Apple, the centralized analysis some articles may not be as appropriate as outsiders brainstorm publishing, analysis and development is not absurd canceled midway. So we ability apprehend some products, but never see it in Apple’s official website

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