2015 Q2 the intelligent machine Rank: apple ranked only third

In time for the year, IHS Technology sent the 2015 second quarter domestic shipments of smart phones, the local operations of this data has not a small growth of domestic manufacturers. Apple ranked among the third volume in the second quarter, the first twenty-two are domestic manufacturers.

According to the data show that Apple’s market share in China in the second quarter to further improve to 12%, ranking third, millet and Huawei ranked first (18%) of the second (16%), respectively; Andrews camp as the world’s first brand Samsung relegated to fifth position, VIVO places 10% of shipments rose to fourth place.


This form from the current perspective, domestic manufacturers still maintain a strong stance in the country, including millet, VIVO, new combinations of such OPPO replacing the original “China cool linked” status. With the transformation of Huawei communications technology and marketing on the Internet + smooth transition era.

International brands, Apple released a new machine since the autumn, so the second half of the shipments can be expected to increase substantially. But Samsung although resorted to this kind of innovation for S6b edge in the first half, the market reaction was still mediocre. This frequent new domestic manufacturers are not unrelated.


International section, according to research firm TrendForce data, second quarter shipments were Samsung ranked TOP5 (26.8%), Apple (16.4%), Huawei (7.6%), millet (5.9%), LG (5.8%).


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